Dear Twitter. I Want To Share My Revenue With You.

Dear Twitter,

I’m building and – although I’ll always have a free plan – it won’t be very long before I introduce premium subscription plans at around $5 – $10 per month.

I may get 1 paying subscriber – I may get 10,000 paying subscribers – who knows?

What I do know is, no matter how much (or how little) money TweetMiner makes, I can’t help but feel it isn’t very fair I can build a revenue generating business on your dime.

I know, I know, that TweetMiner is an amaaaaazing product, and that I’m a hiiiighly talented developer pushing the bounds of what’s possible with JavaScript and PHP, yada, yada…

…but even so – TweetMiner couldn’t even EXIST without YOU – Twitter. Without the HUGE amounts of value that your infrastructure, your marketing and your capital expenditure brings to the table.

So, here’s what I was thinking…

I wish you had some kind of (free to join) commercial partner program that would make it really easy for me to build a Twitter product and share revenue with you.

You could offer me huge incentives to get involved with you on that basis.

For example, what a pain that I have to get involved in building a subscription payment system – it would be so much easier if YOU did all that heavy lifting and gave me an instant uber-simple API and took care of payment processing.

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That would be cool because you could take care of all the annoying financial subscription business logic (and take your 10%) annnnnd you would have lots of $$$ sloshing around in your interest bearing accounts until I withdrew my mullah.

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Another cool thing you could do would be to list me as a verified commercial partner on your site and give me the Twitter seal of approval – which would make my customers feel a lot more secure (if you thought my app wasn’t a bucket of crap, that is).

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As a commercial partner you could offer my app (and users of my app) other great benefits too – like – higher API limits – and a better quality API connection & uptime.

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Yours Sincerely,

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