Twitter Has Suspended TweetMiner (and now UN-suspended!)

TweetMiner has officially been UN-suspended by Twitter!

I have removed the “Follow All” Functionality which was the main issue. They have said that they will perform one final review of the site if there are any other issues they will let me know (hopefully before switching TM off). They havn’t said so, but I think the implication is they will allow the RSS stuff to remain.

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To continue as usual simply login to TweetMiner and click the + sign if your accounts are missing. You will be re connected with your old accounts and you should not loose any data.

As always please email me at if you have any problems.


Twitter have suspended TweetMiner and revoked API access to TweetMiner without warning.

I think the reason this has happened is because of the new feature (custom signatures) that I introduced yesterday (about 18 hours ago). However, I haven’t been able to find anywhere in their TOS that discuses this. Of course, if they had sent me an email I would have removed the feature instantly and without question.

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I am now doing everything I can to contact Twitter to try to resolve the issue (they’re not easy to get in touch with!).

All I can do is apologize profusely to the 3000+ registered users and promise that I will try to get this resolved as quickly as possible.

Update 16:41 PST – Thu 4th March 2010

I am currently persuing this process here:

Update 16:59 PST – Thu 4th March 2010

I have just posted this email to twitter using the above process. I will keep you posted. As soon as I know, you will know!


At about 3:30PM PST Thur 4th March my app. TweetMiner was suspended from the Twitter API.

Please can you contact me ASAP letting me know what to change in order to resume TweetMiner’s API access.

I have 3000+ registered users who love and rely on the app and I’m more than happy to revoke any feature that you deem unacceptable.

Please let me know what I need to do in order to get tweetminer back on line.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Justin Vincent :)

Update 18:15 PST – Thu 4th March 2010

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I just noticed that my support request has an id of something like 89,123… Ah. Just another 79,999 to go before they get to mine then.

Update 07:48 PST – Fri 5th March 2010

Osha started the hashtag movement #FreeTheTweetMiner3000 – More info here:

Update 08:06 PST – Fri 5th March 2010

I am going to remove the custom signature feature from TweetMiner, just in case that is the issue. Then at least if they review the site it will be in a state ready to be switched on instantly (If custom signatures is indeed the feature that got TweetMiner suspended)

Update 10:06 PST – Fri 5th March 2010

I have removed “”custom signature” functionality and all references to “custom signature” from the marketing material and help videos. I have managed to get TweetMiner up and running again to act as a “live” client. Please login to TweetMiner and click the + add account button to re-establish your accounts.

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This may not be a permanent solution since I have simply registered a new application called “TweetMiner (Again)”. It is possible that Twitter will suspend it again – we shall have to wait and see. I’ve still heard no word from them as to why TweetMiner was suspended. I’m hoping that it was an automated suspension based on some kind of trip-switch activated by the “custom signature” feature, and in turn, I’m hoping that since that feature is no longer active that the new app “TweetMiner (Again)” will NOT be suspended.

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Update 10:49 PST – Fri 5th March 2010

Twitter have suspend the account TweetMiner (Again). This indicates one of the two following possibilities…

a) It’s an automated system that will suspend any version of tweetminer without question
b) Twittter have some problem with TweetMiner and they continue to manually suspend it without warning

All I can do at this point is wait for some kind of response from thier help desk. If anyone knows any way to get a message to a real twitter employee please let me know by sending an email to

Update 11:42 PST – Fri 5th March 2010

I’ve had a communication from twitter:

Thank you for writing in. Your application, TweetMiner, was suspended because it violates our Automation Rules ( in regards to Automated Following by Keyword and Automated Unfollowing. Moreover it allows automated posting of RSS content by keyword, this too violates our automation rules as the content is not from the user’s personal blog. These features promote a way for users to violate the Twitter rules ( in regards to Spam. As for branding, any web-based application is not allowed to offer a personal branding feature as the transmission and storage of those keys on the web provides a hijacking risk to your application should those keys be intercepted. Please make the required changes to your application so that it follows our Automation Rules and we will reconsider your application’s suspension. And if you need further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


As I’ve built out TweetMiner I’ve been very careful to ensure that no feature involves “automation”. Each feature has been built in such such a way that the user MUST make a manual, editorial, decision before ANY interaction with Twitter.

Friend Finder does NOT automate the follow process, all it does is help you find good people to follow via keywords. It then presents you wil a list of interesting people at whcih point you manaully make the decision to follow or not. There is no difference between this and searching for people using twitter search – other than it is slightly less painful with TweetMiner.

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The TweetMiner RSS system does NOT automate RSS content being posted to Twitter. In fact there is absolutely NO difference between google reader and TweetMiner, both of which require a manual, editorial, decision before tweeting a story. There is also NO difference between tweetminer, hootsuite & cotweet with

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regard to using rss feeds and scheduling. Why is it ok for hootsuite & cotweet to offer the exact same functionality as TweetMiner, yet TweetMiner is suspended yet they are not?

As for the “branded tweet” custom signature functionality. I have already completely removed it from TweetMiner.

I have sent another message to twitter explaining the above and asking them to un-suspend TweetMiner. At this point I don’t hold very high hopes.

If Twitter reply that the basic features of Tweetminer are unacceptable to them… then I no longer have a business.

Under that circumstance It goes without saying that I will fully refund all 94 customers for any payment of service beyond the 3rd of march 2010.

I will keep you posted. As soon as I know what Twitter have decided I will let you know.

Update 11:42 PST – Fri 5th March 2010

I’ve had another communication from twitter:

I have used the app and want to work with you to ensure its API access is restored. While yes your following system still requires user action, the “Follow All/Unfollow All” option your application provides promotes targeted follow-churn. If the “Follow All/Unfollow All” feature was removed, requiring direct user action for each potential followee found then it would not violate our Automation Rules.

Your application provides a means for users to post scheduled tweets from any RSS feed. The issue is not with the RSS feed posting itself, but the ability to schedule them in advance. If the automatic scheduling was removed then the feature would not be in violation of our Automation Rules. Moreover the ability to edit a link from the RSS feed before posting provides users a means to mislead their followers by promising them a link to a trusted news source but directing them to an entirely different and potentially harmful site.

If these features are removed then your application will be in compliance with our Automation Rules. It is in the best interest of developers to provide features which do not enable their users to break the Twitter Rules ( as this weakens the Twitter ecosystem for everyone. And I would like to work with you to ensure that your users do not take advantage of your application to do so.

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Ok. I’m happy to remove the “Follow All/Unfollow All” option. That’s not a problem. But. There is no difference between hootsuite, cotweet and tweetminer when it comes to plugging in RSS feeds and giving people the functionality to schedule tweets.

If I remove those features then there is no reason for customers to pay and I don’t have a business. I’ve sent them a final follow up about this and am awaiting their decision

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