Pluggio Introduces Auto Post RSS to Twitter System

A feature often requested by Pluggio customers has been the ability for Pluggio to auto-post all stories from any RSS feed to Twitter/Facebook etc. In true Pluggio style we’ve upped the anti and created a system in which users have a huge amount of control with this feature.

When using our auto post rss to twitter system you get access to the following features:

  • Auto post any RSS feed to Twitter
  • Drip feed auto posted stories (rather than sending 5 new stories out in one big splat)
  • Ability to easily pause Auto posting
  • Auto post rss within a daily time window. For example 9AM -> 5PM. (Using the rolling schedule)
  • Auto post rss to any social network (Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace)
  • Ability to post newer stories first, older stories first, or post in a random order

For an instant understanding of how it works check out this video that explains Pluggio’s RSS feed automation system in full.

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  1. Imad

    The new automated RSS feed settings are awesome. You provided adequate controls for customization and use by all levels of …...

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