How Nancy Landed a Job, Thanks to Twitter

Interviewer’s Note: As I’ve been exploring ways to use Twitter for business, I met Nancy Medica, who just got a new job that she found through Twitter. We spoke with her, via Skype, from her new job at Common Sense, and talked about her experience and advice for other jobseekers.

Hi Nancy! So, I’m from the Pluggio blog and I wanted to talk with you about how you got your job by using Twitter. We’re interested in learning about how people use Twitter for business, and- in your case- for job searching and other professional uses. So you got a job from using Twitter?

Yes, that’s how I got my present job.

What do

you do?

I’m a marketing coordinator for a company in the US that oursources IT services. I actually live in Argentina but I’m right now in Texas; I came here for a few weeks to work.

So how did Twitter play a role in getting that job?

Actually what happened was that I quit my last job. I wasn’t growing professionally, and I started looking for new ways of finding a job. I had a Twitter account and I started using it to see what was going on in my industry. And then I saw a tweet from a guy that I followed, asking for someone who matched my profile in marketing, and I replied to him with a direct message. They contacted me, interviewed me, and that’s how I got the job.

And the rest is history, huh? Does it surprise you to have gone through Twitter and for the job to fall in your lap?

Yeah, I’ve always been a techie girl but… yeah! It surprised me a little bit when I said ‘Oh, ok, I just got a job through Twitter!’ but it was a bit surprising, sure. But I have always used online tools to find jobs or represent myself professionally. I always used Monster, and later on I started using Linked.

Did you put tweets out while you were job searching, like to spread the word? Or did you just seek it out instead? In other words, did you go to them or did they come to you?

No, actually I didn’t do that, but before, when I was in my last job, I would post on Facebook since they were closer to me. But not on Twitter, not then. What I do now in my present job is Tweet when I need someone, I just used hashtags and see if I can find what I need. And I also do re-tweet job opportunities.

So on your next job search, will you use Twitter again? Or go back to more traditional means?

Ah. That’s a good question! I’d love for somebody to contact me and offer a great job, but I think I’ll use Twitter and LInkedIn more. Job recruiters use LinkedIn a lot. I’ll use traditional stuff like, too. Not much classifieds.

Is LinkedIn a big deal in Argentina? I know people use it here but I don’t think it’s become super-popular. I mean, I’ve got one but I barely use it.

It’s becoming more popular. People who do online marketing, like I do, use it a lot. It’s like you brand yourself, so that’s great for professionals. And you can stay in touch with lots of people who can recruit you or connect you with other people.

What does Twitter do for you that nothing else? Is there any particular thing it does for you that you can’t easily replace?

Hmm… that’s a good question. When I think of different things that Twitter does for me, maybe I could find another program that can do it, but I think the viral-ness of messages is a big thing.

Can you explain that?

You know, like a virus- the way you can put out a tweet and it can spread so easily.

Oh yeah, I get it now. Definitely!

I don’t think other software or sites or social media can really do that [as well as Twitter can].

That’s a really good point- I’m new to Twitter until last week and I was struck by how easy it was for a message to spread. I know Facebook can kind of do that, they re-post things and share links, but it’s limited and not as effortless.

And normally people don’t lock their Twitter accounts, unlike on Facebook where it’s mostly private.


Yeah, so it doesn’t have that “spreading” power.

If you were job searching in the future, is there anything you wouldn’t use Twitter for in job searches? Do you see any negative parts or consequences to using it?

No,but I’d never tweet bad things about my job. That wouldn’t be good for your present job, OR your future jobs. Sometimes recruiters look at your profiles, look accounts, that aren’t private, and that can be… not good for you.

That’s a good point. In the next few months, colleges will be graduating and we’ll have a lot of people looking for jobs who maybe haven’t learned that point yet. I mean, we just saw that UCLA student with the racist rant on Youtube, it got a million hits and got her into so much trouble that she had to drop out. But that’s how it is now- bosses can look at your Facebook pages, your YouTube videos, and that stuff is all out there now and they’ll make decisions based on that.

Yeah, you have to think before you do it.

I don’t think people understand how quickly something can blow up against you online and come to haunt you very quickly.

Yeah, I’d definitely recommend to be careful with that.

So the last question is- are there are any parting words of wisdom you’d like to share about Twitter and online marketing, or job searching?

When you use it, you have to be nice to people. You have to be friendly, share information and use hashtags, and reply to the tweets that are directed at you. And don’t use automatic messages when people start following you!

Definitely. Well, thank you so much for the interview, and it’s been fun! Congratulations on the new job!

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