How I Got My First 1000 Followers on Twitter in 43 Days

No doubt you’ve heard that saying “Once you’ve made your first million bucks, the next million is easy.”

I believe in that, and I think it’s true because once you know how to do something, it’s easy to repeat that process and get more of the same results.

On that note, after 43 days on Twitter, I have achieved a following of 1,000 people!  When I was brought on board to write the Pluggio Blog, building the Twitter following was another one of my tasks.

Here’s a screen shot of my Pluggio stats dashboard! Pluggio is responsible for 731 of my 1000 followers :)

At that time I knew absolutely jack about Twitter and all I had to go on was the Pluggio tool.  But I learned very quickly what worked and what didn’t.

My first step was entering keywords that Pluggio would search for.  Since we’re about small business, I wrote basic, broad stuff like “entreprenuer” and “business” and “ecommerce.”

Pluggio would generate follow suggestions and I’d click on who looked good and discard the rest.  Soon people would follow back, and my Twitter adventure began.

After a few weeks, I’d add new words here and there.  “Etsy”, “Amazon”, “Ebay” and other places that people might run businesses through.  “Consultant”, “founder” “CEO” were also effective searches.

I also found words that turned up lousy searches.  “Producer” and “money”, in particular, resulted in a lot of aspiring hip-hop moguls that seemed to be a carbon copy of one another.  But it was a trial-and-error process: remove what didn’t, keep what did.

Most of my Tweets were links for small business articles that I thought would be of interest.  In addition to using Pluggio’s RSS feed tools, I signed up for mailing lists.  Every so often I’d search what my RSS feed results were and check the mail and post things that looked especially good.

Article would get retweeted and bring in new followers, but I think the best way to build the following was to engage with other people.  Tweet back, reply, engage, make a suggestion, be helpful- all those methods did more to establish me as a helpful presence, more than my article links were.

Once I began to truly get involved with interacting with others, my following grew even faster, and I suspect the followers I gained from that would be more valuable and receptive than those who were just reading my links.

I’m working on a new strategy and new plan now.  More to come!

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