Time To Change My Twitter Strategy

I’ve been using Twitter for about 45 days now, and just achieved my goal of gaining 1,000 followers. I’ve thrown myself into the Twitterverse and picked up a lot of good information on how to use this thing. I’ve especially learned a lot from users more experienced than I.

So I have decided to change things up.

I want to explore the power of Twitter. Prior to this, I was working more on the blog and helping promote Pluggio as well as providing information for small businesses and entrepreneurs. So my strategy consisted of the following:

  • Tweet out interesting links.
  • Find cool people on Twitter, via Pluggio.
  • Send a friendly email to the new people and see if they would like be interviewed and featured in our blog.
  • If they were willing, we’d have an interview via Skype/email.

But I’d like to try something different. Since my own experience shows how much content is out there, and virtually every veteran Tweeter told me that engaging and conversation is what matters most, I’ve decided to go after new followers less aggressively. Instead, I’m going to let people come to me and build a more direct conversation with those with similar interests as me.

To sum up, my new strategy could simply be described as:

On that note, I’m going to Tweet less (and blog less) and focus more on responding to what’s already out there. I’ll answer questions, give feedback, say ‘hi’, whatever. Just to see where this new road takes me.

I’ll keep you posted.

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