How A Business Coach Uses Twitter

Interviewer’s Note:  After several installments of my interviews with entrepreneurs and business owners, I’m still struck at how many times the successful ones report the same techniques and tips.  Yet even in unrelated fields, they can easily learn from one another and find new ideas.  As I was searching for new sources of knowledge, I struck up a conversation with  Jacqueline Collins.

Welcome to the Pluggio Business Blog!  How do you describe your business?

I work with the owners of small/medium size businesses, and independent professionals, who are in transition/pursuing change, who are pursuing growth, and/or struggling to achieve sustainable growth.

What do you do for them?

Partnering for Performance provides coaching, consulting, and business planning/implementation in the areas of communication planning, organizational development, performance management, leadership development.

How did you get started?

I had owned other businesses and worked in the corporate environment in financial services. My passion though had always been human dynamics in the business environment.  To that end I had made sure my education and skill development fed that desire.  In 1999 I had decided that it was time to take this step so I started this business and never looked back.  In the beginning I had teamed up with other consultants who were already established and willing to add my knowledge to their client offerings.  At that point I started developing my own brand, did a lot of relationship building, joined organizations that enabled me to continue to build my brand, and have done a lot of volunteer work.

When you coach clients, do you specialize in any certain industry or type of business?

One of the things I love about my business is that I work in all industries.  No specializing.  I’ve worked in financial services, retail, marinas, universities and colleges, non-profit, salons, medical, etc.

How does your approach change from company to company?

The approach may differ in each industry depending on that industry’s specific challenges.  Business concepts stay the same; it’s the approach and execution of these concepts that may differ.

What roles does Twitter/social media play in your business?  Is it about getting new clients, informing people of what you do, or something else?

For me it’s all about passing along information.  There’s so many interesting sites, blogs, articles, etc. When I see something that I think folks would like to know I pass it along.  It doesn’t necessarily have to do with the business I’m in.  My objective has been to demonstrate that I am a well rounded individual always interested in knowing and learning something new.

What impact or change have you seen due to Twitter/social marketing?

I’ve met people at events who recognize my name and face due to my social marketing efforts.  It’s always a thrill to have this happen.  In addition I have gotten some clients because they like the diversity of what I post.

Are there any of your accomplishments with social marketing that you are particularly proud of?

I’m able to teach other business owners how and who to sue this medium.  Often times when these folks have been concerned about what/how, I’ve helped them develop a plan with goals and objectives, and have shown them how to include all of this in their marketing efforts.

How did you build your Twitter following?

Honestly, I didn’t try to do this.  I have been interested and therefore participate.  I think it’s consistency.

What strategies did you use for social marketing?

One: focus, focus, focus.  Focus and consistency. Again, my objective has always been to build brand and personal image, so therefore my content has always been geared towards this.  Actually, I do make a list of about 25 things I’d like to post per week and then do it.

What are some lessons you’ve learned about Twitter and social media that you’ve learned to live by?

Be consistent in postings and watch what’s out there.

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