Schedule Tweets with Google Reader and Pluggio

The Problem

You have hundreds of awesome feeds that you read daily in Google Reader. Now you want to start tweeting interesting stories to your followers… The problem is you don’t want to overwhelm your followers by tweeting too many stories in one go, but you also don’t want to keep logging in to Google Reader 10 times a day just to tweet stories.

The Solution

Add Pluggio to Google Reader! When you see a story you like send it to Pluggio’s rolling schedule from inside Google Reader. Pluggio will tweet out stories at a specified time interval. You can even specify a randomized interval and daily time windows (see image below).

Other Benefits

You can also send your stories to other social networks like Facebook. Also, you can see how many times your links were clicked, which can help you find out what type of stories your followers prefer.

How To Integrate Pluggio With Google Reader

  1. Signup for an account with Pluggio (if you haven’t already done so)
  2. Login to Pluggio
  3. Add your Twitter account (if you haven’t already done so)
  4. Click “Settings > Pluggio API Key” (take note of the API key)
  5. In your web browser, in another tab, open Google Reader
  6. Click “Settings Cog (top right) > Reader Settings”
  7. Click the “Send To” tab
  8. Click “Create Custom Link”
  9. Enter in the following values:

    Icon URL:

    (Important!! Swap all the values in red for your real information. Make sure the URL is one single line of text after copy/paste)
  10. Click save.
  11. Now start scheduling stories directly from Google Reader! Use the Send
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Thanks very much to Pluggio customer Aidan McGinley for discovering this and making it possible!