Family Business Turns One Man's Junk To Another Man's Treasure Thanks To Twitter!

Inteviewer’s Note: As I’ve been exploring ways to use Twitter for business, I figured the best way to find out more information was to ask fellow business owners. In the second part of our never-ending series, we’ll be talking to Robert of “W&G Eclectics Across Time”, who I befriended on Twitter after meeting him through Pluggio’s friend finder tool.

Hi Robert, welcome to the Pluggio Blog. Tell us about what you do.

“W&G Eclectics Across Time” is a family owned/operated business established in 2008 reselling second hand items. Our mission statement is, “doingour part to keep the planet green by finding second homes for re-useable items.”

So it’s like an eco-friendly Goodwill?

Each item sold is one less item in the landfill.

What role does Twitter play in your business?

We prepare a week’s worth of tweets each Sunday evening using Pluggio. Pluggio has been a God-send in allowing us to schedule ahead and then be done with it to focus on other priorities

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Oh, you’re using Pluggio? Nice, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. So what impact or change have you seen from using Twitter?

Oh my gosh, we often wonder how we ever did without it! Traffic to our eBay and web store listings have quadrupled since making Twitter and Pluggio essential marketing partners. We even had to bring in two additional family members to keep up with the demand.

What does Twitter do you for that nothing else can do?

It creates a market presence for our items that no other advertising venue has been able to realize. It has also brought an increased awareness that used items can be useful to another person on the globe.

What lessons have you learned about Twitter and online marketing?

(1) That if there is a market out there for a second-hand item, Twitter will find it.

(2) “Green” is not only a concept. It is a growing way of

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life for a significant segment of
the world’s population.

(3) We all have a responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint on the planet so future
generations will enjoy what we treasure today.

Thanks for your time, Robert- I’m glad to hear that your business has thrived on Twitter. Good luck!

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