Increasing your Twitter Following: A Life of Its Own!

I remember when Mp3s first came out.  I was 19 years old, in college, downloading every song I loved and excitedly telling all my friends about Napster.

Free music?!  My friends followed suit and began downloading, too.  A few days later, one said, “Man, these Mp3s really add up, don’t they?”

He was right- a click here, a click there, and soon you had a library of hundreds of Mp3s without thinking about it much.  And this was in the days of downloading a song at 3 or 4 kb/a second!   Good old 1999.

Twitter followings seems to have a similar growth- they really add up fast!  I opened my account just over a week ago, knowing nothing and nobody, and used only search terms and Pluggio’s friend finder function to build my following.

Initially, I would have a couple of new followers per day.  A few days later, my inbox is filled with 20-50 notifications of a new followers!  Crazy!

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How did I get them, you ask?

  • Some of them have joined because I followed them (adding them because they have similar interests as me
  • some have added me from my search terms
  • some have added me from seeing my replies and retweets and shared articles.

But it’s fascinating how exponentially it grows!

Last week, I had nothing.  At this writing, I’ve got 225.  Let’s see where we are next week!

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