New Twitter Policy For Apps Reading/Writing Direct Messages

Twitter have created a new permission level for applications called “Read, Write & Direct Messages”

Users will need to agree to these permissions for an app to display “Direct Messages”.

Therefore, to show Direct Messages in Pluggio you will need to re-authenticate each of your Twitter accounts.

Steps to enable Pluggio to read direct messages from Twitter are:

  1. Login to Pluggio
  2. At the top of the “Twitter Accounts” panel (left) click the + sign
  3. Login to Twitter with the Twitter account you need to upgrade
  4. Click “Authorize App”
  5. Twitter will redirect you to Pluggio. Please note, it will take a minute for the re-direct to complete.

These steps will need to be followed for each twitter account within Pluggio.

We apologize to all our customers for the inconvenience.

This is as a result of a new Twitter policy.