For a Publishing Company, Twitter is the Best of Many Worlds

Inteviewer’s Note: As I’ve been exploring ways to use Twitter for business, I figured the best way to find out more information was to ask fellow business owners. In the latest part of our never-ending series,  we’ll be talking to Kathy Reading of, who I befriended on Twitter after meeting him through Pluggio’s friend finder tool.

Hi Kathy!  Welcome to the Pluggio Blog.  Tell us what The Scan Group does.  How would you describe your business?

The Scan Group helps OUR clients succeed with smart, cost-effective marketing & print management solutions.  Of late, our multi-channel campaigns are really doing well – with personalized print, email, social network and online components all working together.

How did you get started?

Our company has a social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In and a blog. I have found Twitter to be of particular benefit professionally, so I spend a lot of time here.

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In what ways does social marketing benefit your business?

It allows me to keep abreast of the latest trends and fresh ideas.   How else would I be able to engage with my favorite authors between books?   Or…help out a “newbie” with relevant research and advice?   Or…hear of the latest new technology out of Africa?   Or…chat with industry leaders without leaving my city?

What roles does Twitter in your business?

I see it helping us to provide further support for all of our clients.  It also exposes our staff to another audience.   From a personal viewpoint, Twitter keeps me current, and continues to offer new perspectives on every issue.

What impact or change have you seen due to Twitter/social marketing?

We actually have had a couple of business opportunities arise from Twitter and other social media.   But that’s not my primary focus.

Oh?  What do you primarily use it for?

To help my “Twitter community” and  learn from them.

How did you build your Twitter following?

The basics.  Be helpful.   Be honest.   Be kind.   Remember that your Twitter following is comprised of genuine people. So…

I gotcha.  What strategies did you use for social marketing (either online or offline)?

Our company has a current promotion in which we’re really pushing our clients and friends to follow us on social media.    I’ll let you know what sort of impact we see from this, but I expect it will be good.   If you’re active in social media, it’s a good idea to simply mention it on your email signatures, website, print collateral, business cards, etc.   Don’t miss an opportunity to engage people where THEY want to live.

Has one thing worked especially well for you?

I’m not one of the social media “superstars”, with a 5-figure following. But  I do see my community growing daily. I can only attribute this to trying to make my presence valuable to others. (Isn’t this true in off-line “life”, as well?)

I think so.  What didn‘t work for you?

For B2B companies (part of our group), Facebook is still a stretch.

What does Twitter do for you that nothing else can do?

It’s efficient.  Twitter keeps me connected to a more diverse community than any other media. I’m still an old-school newspaper subscriber. I watch the TV news. I listen to specialized podcasts. I read industry books. I attend networking events.   Twitter seems to combine aspects of all of these.

What lessons have you learned about Twitter and online marketing?

People continue to amaze me. It’s not just the superstars who make the Twitter community tick. It’s the vast  array of passionate people that keep the world interesting!

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