How To Avoid Regrets About Your Tweets: Anthony Weiner, take note

I really shouldn’t pick on the poor congressmen.  While his actions were rather bizarre and poorly considered, he’s not alone.

According to a recent study, one in five people have done something with social media that they regret.

Well sure, that seems obvious, but 1 in 5 seems low.  Shouldn’t it be more like, oh, 5 out of 5?  Everybody has have some e-skeletons in their closet by now.  I wonder what the study’s threshold of ‘regretful activity’ was?  Surely there’s a difference between a drunken Tweet and a ULCA student’s racist anti-Asian Youtube diatribe?

Surely 30 or 40 years from now (if not much sooner), the media will be mining a President’s youthful indiscretions, fossilized in social media long ago, back in 2011, and entombed forever somewhere in the internet.  Yes, at this very moment, the future President of the United States, currently 17 years old,  is getting tagged in a Facebook photo depicting him (or her) taking bong hits and then Tweeting about it.

Oh, how the media will have a field day digging up all of our generation-old posts and Tweets!  How can the rest of us avoid future embarrassments?

I think the key to most of these regrets is that they are done without due consideration: we act before thinking, especially when drinking.

But I think the solution is simple: whatever you were going to do, why not sleep on it first before you send it out?

Using Pluggio, I very much like the idea of scheduling my posts or Tweets.  It gives me the chance to think about it and review if necessary, or delete it if you have second thoughts, before they are posted.  It makes it very easy to think about what I want to say, to consider my message, and how to best communicate it.   Such a tool is invaluable for a social media user, especially businesses relying on Twitter for professional representation.

So stop yourself before you get drawn into online fights, or before you post something out of anger, and DEFINITELY reconsider sending out naked pictures of yourself.

After all, there are no take-backs when it comes to social media…


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