Success Tips for Business Using Social Media: You Gotta Have Something To Say

“Content” is such a buzzword.  I much rather prefer to use plain English: “Have Something To Say!”

But it amounts to the same thing:  I read about how some pharmaceutical companies were using social media, and why they were failing.

Basically, it boiled down to content, aka having something to share with your audience.  That sounds better to me- it’s about getting something back for what you give to those around you, which is what the key to success is, isn’t it?  “Content” just feels too one-sided to me, and jars with my belief of social media is all about- it should be a dialogue between people, not a lecture

The pharma companies (whoever they were) apparently had a decent start: they established their presences on Twitter, Facebook, and wrote some blogs.  They even had a strategy thought out.

But their well-crafted vehicle didn’t have any gasoline to run it, so the thing ground to a halt.  They ran out of stuff to share and lost their audience.

What went wrong, and how can other businesses avoid this mistake?

The key is finding something to say.  ANY company engaging in social media, no matter how big or small, should always be sharing and finding ways to be engaged with their audience

How?  There are plenty of ways.   Need something for your blog?  Why not mine your internal sources?  Share your company-wide memos and newsletters?  Write a how-to article?

Once your company has determined its principles and views, why not find and respond to YouTube videos that hold a contrary ideal, and initiate a friendly debate?

Or search the news of the day, and write about your thoughts on it, and how it relates to your business or industry?  Everybody’s got an opinion; why not think about what you want to say and present that position to your audience?

Information is easy to come by, but opinions are unique.   I think people would like to know where somebody else stands.  What better way to establish your brand, your identity, and distinguish yourself from the competition?


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