Top 3 Rules To Consistently Get Retweeted and #FF’d

I’m very lucky to have unusually high Twitter statistics. I often get retweeted and #ff’d. But is it really luck? The truth is it’s due to a consistent and simple strategy I’ve been using for  years. Here’s my strategy broken down into three simple rules:

  1. Build a Subject Specific Following
    Build a following that is focused around a specific subject and tweet about that subject on a regular basis. Grow your following by regularly searching for (and following) people using specific keywords that you are interested in. Be sure to unfollow people who don’t follow you back after 7 days.
  2. Consistently be Consistent
    Many sources will tell you the time of day matters (i.e post your tweets at 4pm on Fridays), but a much more effective strategy is to have a constant stream of tweets that are always interesting to your followers. Schedule your tweets to be posted once every three hours. This will give you a consistent Twitter presence without overwhelming your followers. You will be more likely to get retweeted due to having a larger luck surface area – rather than relying on a specific viral tweets that get big. The best strategies involve small incremental gains rather than home runs.
  3. Link to Interesting and Helpful Articles
    Having a link to an interesting article will usually increases your chances of being retweeted. Find a way to easily and consistently source interesting links about subjects that your followers are interested in. Don’t get obsessed with creating viral tweets, spend more time focusing on quality tweets that can bring interest and value to your readers.

It’s also worth using a tool like Pluggio that makes it fast and effortless to execute the above strategies.