Showing Holiday Gratitude to your Customers

Wednesday, November 16th is when I heard the first Christmas song of the year on the radio.    There I am, on the road, driving to Chino to pick up some books, and this smooth jazzy version of “Carol of the Bells” starts playing on one of those easy-listening stations.

Damn, already?  I thought.  It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but the season is creeping up on us again.   (And now we have a holidays-themed blog here, a full week before Turkey Day).  I’ve noticed my book sales have already begun to climb upwards, and I’m sure that most businesses, whatever line of work you’re in, is getting busier too.   In this time of extra sales, longer, more hectic hours, and more customers, I suggest that we not disregard social media use, which could well be the first thing to be ignored as our days become more full.

What time would be better than this to thank our customers, reinforce our relationships, and express gratitude for their business over the past year?  And what better way to do this than through social media?  It is a great opportunity to use your Twitter and Facebook accounts for genuine connection, not just to deliver your sales pitches.

In related news, Nordstrom’s clever advertising has gone somewhat viral around the internet:

Nordstrom Once Again Refuses To Put Up Holiday Decorations Before Thanksgiving

“We just like the idea of celebrating one holiday at a time,” reads the sign.  What’s more; they used the same approach the past 2 years.  I think this ties in well with my thoughts above:  “Don’t overwhelm your customer, but show your gratitude and appreciation for him or her.”


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