Taking All I’ve Learned About Twitter, and Using It To Market Our New Book

Any regular reader of this blog will know that I’ve interviewed a lot of authors and writers on here, especially ones who have self-published works or e-books.
Well, I must confess that I’ve had an ulterior motive to speak with them:  I’ve just finished and released a new kid’s book, co-created with my girlfriend, and I’ve been curious how Twitter and social media could be used to promote it.
Our book is about sensory integration dysfunction and how it can affect children, as well as explaining how adults can help.  My girlfriend came up with the idea as a thesis for her master’s program, and her classmates loved the idea.  When she showed them the finished book, they all asked for copies.  Some who work in schools approached us about buying multiple copies for their classrooms.  Given that my last book sold very few copies, this was quite encouraging!
So how can we use social media for this book?  I’ve learned several basic principles that the most successful Twitter users recommend time and time again:
Know your following and what kind of people they are.”  The experience so far has shown us that there is a community out there who is aware of SID.  But how big is that community?  I don’t know yet, but we’ll use social media to explore it and determine its size.
The quality of your followers is more important than the quantity.”  My initial plan is to create a Twitter account for our book, and use Pluggio’s search tools to find followers.  I did a cursory search this morning for “Sensory integration dysfunction” and found a lot more accounts and tweets than I expected.  I’ll be looking for people who are involved in it somehow, and be selective about who is in my community.
“Deliver something of value to your followers.”  This advice was often given in conjunction with ‘Don’t just do hard sells and link blasts”, and it seems like this may be the most important piece of advice for marketing in general.  You must build the relationship with your followers, and if they’re interested in what you’ve got, they’ll ask you.  To deliver value, I’m going to consult with my girlfriend, who has been studying SID and can provide useful content and facts to Tweet out.  We want to make sure people find our Twitter account to be useful and helpful.
Be consistent”  Since our account will be dedicated solely for our book and related SID-news, we’ll keep it relevant to our followers.
It’s very exciting to be turning her thesis into my thesis, in a way, and experimenting with how the book will be brought to the world!  I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes!

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