Update on “Jackaroo Zoo” Community-Building

Thought I’d give a quick update on the work on promoting our book “Jackaroo Zoo.”  Last week, I outlined my basic strategy.  Since then, I’ve been following it pretty much as planned.

Pluggio has made it very easy to spend a few minutes each day reviewing the friend suggestions, which I scan quickly to see if they fit my “desired follower” criteria, and accordingly accept/reject it.  I’ve been not too worried about unfollowing those who don’t follow me, but I do watch my incoming Tweets and quickly unfollow any spammers.  Oddly, I’ve been seeing a lot of people who make multiple posts to items on sale, so I unfollow those right off the bat.

It’s a bit like gardening- planting the seeds; pulling out the weeds.

I also make a point to reach out to my network, see what people are talking about, and spend some time interacting with them.  New followers- I’ll greet them with my own words, as opposed to a robo-Tweet.  It’s been fun to engage with people and build these new connections.

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