How To Deliver Value To Your Followers

Across nearly all of my interviews with businesses, entrepreneurs, and social media experts, they have emphasized the important of delivering value to your followers on Twitter and all social media networks.

But how does one deliver value?  I thought I’d take a moment to share some tips and secrets that I’ve picked up on this very topic.

In addition to working on the Tweets4SmallBiz Twitter account, I’ve also began using Pluggio to manage two more Twitter accounts:  one for our book “Jackaroo Zoo”, as well as one for my filmmaking group “Hive of Villainy.”  I’ve already gone into detail in previous posts about my strategy for the  Jackaroo Zoo account, but haven’t said anything much about the film one.

The group has five members.  We’re old friends who go back to film school, and enjoy working with each other.   With a group that size, there’s always something to announce or talk about. So every week I send our an email blast, requesting content for our Twitter account.  I’ve been asking them for:
  • Updates on their projects.  Writing anything?  Raising money for something?  Finishing up an edit?
  • Other news:  We are always working on their own projects, which we all collaborate on, there’s always plenty of news.  When we make a short film, it’s sort of like a rock band, all pitching in to complete the rough draft of somebody’s idea brought to the table.
  • Links we like.  We’ve got a fairly broad base of followers- if you’re involved in the entertainment industry in any capacity, you’re probably coming up in our Friend Suggestions generated by Pluggio.  Why not share what videos we’ve watched, or industry news we’ve heard, or articles we’ve been reading?
  • Films We’ve Made.  (Of Course!)  When it’s a slow Twitter day, why not toss out the link again to our latest film?  We just made a Batman spoof, and I’ve added it to our scheduled Tweets and hashtagged it up the wazoo.
The point is: don’t be shy about sharing what’s going on in your world, especially when it’s relevant to your goals.  We’ve got plenty of stuff going on, including a project that’s going to require a comprehensive fund-raising effort.  Why limit your reach by ignoring content like that?  You never know why might be reading your Tweets, or how they may help you.

With an organization or group, you’ve got plenty of material to Tweet, even if your group might not realize.  Everybody makes a point of reaching out and engaging with your followers, but don’t dismiss the importance of doing the same within your own team.
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