How Female Entrepreneurs Help Each Other: An Interview with Chic CEO

Interviewer’s Note:  How do certain groups approach entrepreneurship differently?  That’s a question I’m always interested in exploring.  Today’s interview comes from Stephanie Burns of, a forum for female entrepreneurs.  Let’s hear what she has to say:

Hello Stephanie!  Welcome to the Pluggio Blog.  In a nutshell, how do you describe your business?

Chic CEO is a web based resource for female entrepreneurs. We provide the ground level information that women need to get their businesses started. We package it up in a feminine yet strong brand.

What motivated you to create a resource especially for female entrepreneurs?

I had a lot of really smart, driven, savvy women in my life who were starting small businesses. They were all taking control of their careers and were all around their late 20’s early 30’s. I couldn’t find a resource that was catering just to them. So I created one.

How do female entrepreneurs differ from their male counterparts?

Women approach entrepreneurship very differently than men. They are much more risk averse and like to have all of the information before they make decisions. Men can tend to be bolder and just go for it. While there are plenty of women like that, myself included, most women want to make sure they have all of the answers before they make the leap.

Your site is a really impressive, comprehensive resource on all kinds of business.  How did you learn this?  Personal experience?  Research?  Other ways?

I have my MBA and both Jody and I have had small businesses before. We took a year to research, write and plan Chic CEO to make sure we are bringing not only comprehensive information but trusted information to our community of women.

I see you have forums on the site- how do members contribute and add to the website?

We have just launched our Chic Siren Membership Program this week! We are very excited about it – all of the info on the site will remain free, but the paid memberships will have a slew of amazing things that come with it. For instance, our email marketing platform, access to experts in the forum, exclusive interviews, all of our downloads, etc. There is an opportunity to contribute your own content through the new membership channels.

What role does social media play in your business?

We use it every day! We don’t do any paid media, so all of our traffic and users come from organic efforts. Social media, events, networking, word-of-mouth etc. We believe Social Media is an arm of your marketing efforts and to be used to support all efforts.

How can female entrepreneurs use social media for the businesses?

Women tend to be more conversational. Social media is perfect for them because they like to use it to be social!

How did you build your Twitter following?  What kinds of people/businesses are they?

We build it by posting relevant content and sharing other’s really great content. Pretty simple.

Are there any of your accomplishments with social marketing that you are particularly proud of?

We just recently had a big company that was reporting our website analytics wrong and we used our social media resources to raise a fuss about it. The owner of the company called me and now they are working on resolving it.

Social media is such a great way to level the playing field. By breaking down the barrier between small consumer and big company, both parties are able to hear each other and resolve issues.

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