Match-Making for Entrepreneurs: An Interview with FounderSync

Interviewer’s Note:  Given that social media is all about relationships, it makes one wonder what the best ways to meet the right people are.  Especially regarding business and entrepreneurs- how do you make the right connections?  Today’s interview is with Ryan Gambrill of FounderSync, a company that specializes in making the right business matches.

Hello Ryan, welcome to the Pluggio Blog!  In a nutshell, how do you describe FounderSync?

FounderSync is entrepreneurial match-making. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs find co-founders with complimentary skills.

What inspired you and your partners to create it?

Finding co-founders is an extremely difficult and time consuming process. The hurdles and barriers become larger when searching for a co-founder outside the startup “hotspots” (the east & west coasts). Being that we are are located in the midwest (Cleveland), we wanted to develop a solution for entrepreneurs in the areas that most consider to be “Fly Over Country”.

How does it work?  How are the connections facilitated?

Currently all connections are completed via a manual process. Users can search for other via keyword and location. Very soon we will be rolling out additional functionality that will provide a higher level of accuracy. These new features will allow co-founders to be matched by analyzing personality traits.

Very cool!  What role does social media play in your business?

Social media is everything. We rely on Twitter as our main marketing & communication channel.

How did you build your Twitter following?  What kinds of people/businesses are they?

Most users seem to be entrepreneurs with early stage startups and ideas. Our following has been created by offering value and insight to the entrepreneur community via Twitter.

How will you choose who you will follow?  What do you look for in a follower?

We are really looking for standouts. Individuals and organizations that have a signal that rises above the noise.

If you could go back to when you first began using social media, what is one thing you would have done differently?

I would have started earlier. Social media is all about participations, so start early.

What does Twitter do for you that nothing else can do?

It allows us to take part in conversations that are occurring in real time.

What lessons have you learned about Twitter and online marketing?

There are no short-cuts. You truly get out of it, what you put in.

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