What Will The Future of Twitter Be? An Interview with Miko Matsumura

Interviewer’s Note: We spend a lot of time on the Pluggio Blog discussing the current state of business and technology, but today calls for something different: what will the future be like? We spoke to Miko Matsumura about what new technologies we may soon see, and how they could be used.

Hello Miko! Welcome to the Pluggio Blog! In a nutshell, how do you describe your work?

I’m working to advance the integration between humans and machines, ultimately in service to the humans =)

I checked out your blog and loved the thoughts on technology on the forefront: computers that are learning to detect emotion in faces, mind-reading, etc. What do you predict social media is moving towards?

I am a big fan of the concept of “prosthesis” over “cybernetics”. What I mean by that is that I feel that computers are a “missing” part of humanity, almost like we are missing a limb.

How so?

For example, Dr. Robin Dunbar suggests that social primates can actively socially engage about 150 people at a time. With the “FaceBook Prosthesis”, we can engage many more. Many people love the idea of machines as human, this is a popular theme in science fiction with Turing tests, Bladerunner etc. I don’t love this. My feeling is that machines can extend http://bestoverthecounter-viagra.com/ our ability to be social beyond time and space (as they do already) and augment human contact in deep ways. The frontier may be in facial pattern recognition. Autistic people already could use the help of a facial pattern ID prosthesis, but I bet all people could use some amount of help with microexpression detection.

How might businesses/entrepreneurs integrate that this synthesis of technology and humanity?

Entrepreneurs need to build trust networks. The ability for people to be able to read microexpressions helps screen out charlatans and can act as a “lie detection” or better yet, a “trustworthiness detection” system.

I found it intriguing that you’ve got a background in technology, and also a deep fascination with neuroscience and consciousness. How do those two things intersect (or do they?) for you?

I believe viagra online canadian pharmacy that we are in an era which will fundamentally transform the definition of what it means to be a human. The intersection between technology and mind is where we can extend our consciousness through remote sensors, big data, evolutionary algorithms and much more. However, I am neither a transhumanist nor a believer in Kurzweil’s “singularity”. I simply believe that humans need to evolve faster than biological evolution is permitting in order to adapt to changing environmental circumstances.

How does Twitter/social media help you achieve your goals?

I love Twitter because it helps me find like-minded individuals and compare notes.

How did you build your following? What kinds of people/businesses are they?

I do a lot of followback which builds a base, but at the same time what’s key is communicating with people via DM and learning their interests. I have a wide variety of followers who like Silicon Valley, Startups, Technology, Neuroscience, Mobile and Behavior.

How will you choose who you will follow? What do you look for in a follower?

I’m very liberal with following and will just about follow anyone. Where I become picky is in my Twitter List Making.

If you could go back to when you first began using social media, what is one thing you would have done differently?

I would have joined “Odeo” and become part of the early Twitter. I dont know if they would have had me but I was excited to meet Noah and learn about his cool ideas about Voice Blogging. this eventually morphed into Twitter.

What lessons have you learned about Twitter and social media?

If you’re using a Twitter client on a UNIX command line, be very careful about the UNIX PIPE =)

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