How Swift Capital Group Finds Business Leads on Twitter

Interviewer’s Note:  Today’s interview is with Daniel Swift of Swift Capital Group, which works with small businesses in a number of ways.  We discussed the impact Twitter plays in his business, not only with keeping it visible to the public, but in generating leads and other unexpected benefits.

Hello Daniel, welcome to the Pluggio Blog.  How do you describe your business?  

Swift Capital Group is a management consulting and business capital provider for small & medium sized businesses in Southern California.

What does Swift Capital Group do for its clients?

We cover sales & marketing, operations & finance functions for our clients, which range from companies in distress in need of turnarounds to rapidly growing companies dealing with growing pains.

How did you get started in this field?

After working in investment banking I saw a need for providing capital and management services to small & medium sized companies. Our services were tailored to serve the needs our clients have & we focus on providing custom common sense solutions that increase revenue and grow profits.

What role does Twitter play in your business?

Twitter is a great way for us to meet, connect and engage with local business owners, as well as keep up with what is going on in the local business community. We typically get a meeting a month with a new potential client from Twitter and find a number of networking events we otherwise wouldn’t have known of.

What impact or change have you seen due to Twitter/social marketing?

Twitter generates many more potential clients for us than LinkedIn. Many of these people we wouldn’t even have know about had it not been for social media.

How do Twitter/social media help you achieve your goals?

Twitter is great at opening doors, letting potential clients know who you really are, and engaging with people on a much more personal level. We have been able to expand our database and client list simply by presenting ourselves and engaging with our followers.

How did you build your following?  What kinds of people/businesses are they?

Our followers are mostly small and medium sized businesses and professionals in marketing, technology & the media. We build our following by promoting our Twitter account on LinkedIn, our website & our email marketing.

How will you choose who you will follow?  What do you look for in a follower?

We try to follow those who follow us back, as long as it’s not an inappropriate or spam looking account. We look to follow people providing interesting information that seem to engage with their followers, as well as local businesses, members of the news media, and professionals. We look for a real picture, a real website, and real interactions, basically we are looking for real people to engage with.

If you could go back to when you first began using social media, what is one thing you would have done differently?

We were late to the social media party, so if anything, we would have started earlier.

What does Twitter do for you that nothing else can do?

Open doors to people we might not of even known about otherwise and allow us to quickly engage with our followers.

What lessons have you learned about Twitter and online marketing?

Like all marketing mediums ,Twitter is about having something to say and saying it consistently. More than any other medium, though, social media requires you to be real and genuine to make any progress and what you present on social media better match who you are in real life when clients first engage with you.

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