blog-let- walmart delivery- draft

heard Walmart trying to deliver products (groceries) to ppl. many ppl have tried this service and it doesn’t seem to do well (except maybe businesses who stock a kitchen). but the avg consumer? doubt it.

why? my guess is that ppl need to browse food, see it, and pick it. not only are they examining produce to make sure it’s fresh, etc. but how many of their purchases are unplanned or spur-of the moment?

it’s a grocer’s rule to put the milk in the back of the store so the customer has to travel past all the other food to reach it. by that time, hopefully they’ve thought about what else they might want to eat.

i don’t know if my shopping habits are average of the population but I suspect they’re not far off. when i go to the grocery, i have a very specific list of what I want to buy. most of the time, i will go buy those things, but rarely will i buy only them. While I’m walking and looking, there’s a lot of previously unconsidered stuff that I toss into the cart.

i would imagine that the typical grocery store purchase has a substantial percentage of unplanned purchases. how would you expect to replicate that in an online setting? perhaps an Amazon-style

suggestion system?