Twitter Introduces 69 New Emojis

The number of emojis available on Twitter have increased by 69. This was revealed by Bryan Haggerty, a Twitter designer. Some of the new emojis includes the flags of Wales, Scotland and England. Other emojis include those of dinosaurs, various skin tones, a swearing emoji and a woman of the Muslim faith wearing a Hijab.

The library of new emojis also includes new ones that are gender inclusive and as such the gender of the character is open to interpretation and avoids being strictly defined as either feminine or masculine. There are also emojis that are a representation of mythical creatures including zombies, fairies, mermaids, elves, genies and vampires. Additionally, new food items are now on the list and this includes broccoli, won-ton, coconut, sandwich, freshly baked pie and a pretzel.

New range of emotions

With regards to emotions thee is an emoji that represents a character vomiting as well as a woman who is breastfeeding. The number of animal emojis has also increased. Besides dinosaurs there is also a hedgehog, a giraffe, a zebra and a cricket.

The diversity of the human race is also now better represented with more emojis of older people, beard-sporting people and others wearing headscarves. The increasing diversity is deliberate as social media companies have lately been actively trying to put efforts in encouraging broader perspectives. Last year for instance, Google introduced new emojis that were a better and broader representation of its users. These included new professions numbering eleven. Each profession was represented by both genders and were available in various skin tones to stand for all races.

Coming to the browser first

However, the emojis are currently only available for users of Twitter on the web. This is because the emojis rely on Unicode 10.0 characters and will therefore not work on Android or iOS devices until the mobile operating systems are updated. As of now, the flag emojis that were recently introduced will appear as black flags on the platforms that don’t offer support for Unicode 10.0. Support on iOS and Android for the new emojis is expected before the year ends. A Tweetdeck update is also expected in the near future.