Rising Pressure On Trump To Desist From Blocking Twitter Accounts And Violating The Freedom To Free Speech, Sources Report

The irate and irrational tweets by President Trump seem to have brewed great trouble for him. According to a number of the top analysts that some top news reporters have had the chance to interview, it is beyond any reasonable cloud of doubt that indeed the tweets will continue to be an issue. It must be a challenging time for the iconic leader considering that at this particular point he has been pushing for a lift of the recent ban by the Supreme Court which restricted his controversial travel.

One thing that is sparking high talk in the nation and globally as well is the move by the free speech advocates who have continuously continued condemning Trump for his efforts to stop his constituents from air views as well as for what he has been saying on the platform since his election.

In one of the letters sent to the leader today, the Knight First Amendment Institute has forwarded an argument that seeks to stop Trump from violating the right free speech which the American population has enjoyed over the years.

This institute is entrusted with the protection of the First Amendment rights in the digital age and it has nothing against the president. All it is advocating for is justice and it hopes the president sees their vigilant moves this way.

The letter also sought to push Trump to unblock the accounts that had been blocked earlier on. It also respectfully asked the president to restrain from blocking accounts since it was unlawful and against the rights of the Americans. In as much as the institute is taking an approach which many would regard soft in terms of handling the matter, one of its top officials has sworn file a lawsuit in case the leader declines to comply.

In a meeting held recently, one of the leaders working with the institute said, “This is the bedrock principle. If there’s any kind of forum the government is operating for expression, it may not discriminate on the basis of viewpoint.” This institute boasts of having all the evidence they need to incriminate Trump incase he turns a deaf ear to their pleas.