Twitter Appoints Emily Horne To Serve In The Position Of The Global Policy Communications Director, Sources Report

Emily Horne will soon assume her new role in Twitter. The experienced top official will be the new communications director for the company, where she will be expected to efficiently and effectively handle the wide range of the policy and user safety concerns.

Sometime back, Horne was privileged to serve as the assistant press secretary for the National Security Council. Sources have gone ahead to indicate the key role she played while serving in this particular capacity.

The National Security Council has over the years placed security as at the top of its list of priorities. That is the reason it saw it fit to have Horne handle the messaging segment regarding anti-ISIL counterterrorism. The top official according to reports regularly gave important updates to the top-ranking government officials in helping fight off terrorist activities.

This year has witnessed numerous serious attacks on innocent people by terrorists. The various news platforms have been quick to make these announcements. That has eventually sparked high talk globally with a lot of people condemning those unfortunate activities that have claimed very many lives in different parts of the world.

Human rights bodies have also come up pushing the world governments to do something about it. The United States of America has been seen to play a lead role towards curbing these activities by sending its troops to go and contain the instabilities.

However, it may be important to outline that at some point the U.S and Russia seemed to clash. The important thing is that the situation is improving following the channeling of resources towards countering terrorism.

Horne will start working for Twitter on from June 19.Reports indicate that she will operate under the title of the global policy communications director. She will report directly to Kristin Binns who has been known to steer Twitter to the highest levels of business success serving as the senior Director of Communications.

The company even at the moment has its fair share of challenges. But one thing it remains committed to is playing a key role towards helping save lives. It believes that through its top-notch platform it will join hands with governments towards helping counter terrorist dealings.