Twitter Brings Candi Castleberry-Singleton On Board As New Head Of Diversity And Inclusion

Twitter has announced that it has hired Candi Castleberry-Singleton as its new vice president of Diversity and Inclusion.

Castleberry-Singleton will take over after Jeffrey Siminoff who stepped down from the position a few months ago. Simpson had been the head of Diversity and Inclusion at Twitter since 2015. The company received a lot of criticism for giving the position to a white man and it looks as if the social media firm has learned its lesson. Simpson stepped down in March and has been succeeded by Candi who happens to be African-American.

“I’m so excited to join the team at Twitter to lead inclusion and diversity efforts for employees and the Twitter community.I’ve spent much of my career leading organizational change and building I&D into core business practices, and I look forward to bringing what I’ve learned to Twitter and building on the company’s great progress!”Castleberry-Singleton told TechChrunch in a statement.

Candi has a strong track record in her past engagements

Twitter selected Castleberry-Singleton to be the head of Diversity and Inclusion courtesy of her impressive resume. She previously founded the Dignity & Respect Campaign and is a former head of Diversity and Inclusion at Motorola. She thus has the right experience for the job and this is a good thing for the social media firm because it needs an experienced executive to oversee the division.

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey was eager to welcome Candi on board by posting a tweet on the microblogging platform. Hiring the new executive is one of the company’s ways of showing how dedicated it is towards fostering diversity in its workforce. There has been a lot of improvement though its employees remain predominantly white. Nevertheless, it boasts of an increasingly diverse workforce with individuals from different races.

The main takeaway is that diversity is a key part of the company’s considerations and it is working on improvements. Twitter has also been working towards making its social platform a more user-friendly place by combating harassment which has been a major problem for many users.