IGN Announces Its Partnering With Twitter For The Live-Streaming Of The San Diego Comic-Con

IGN Entertainment has today made an announcement that will excite its wide customer base. As a matter of fact, it is about the alliance it is striking with twitter and the two will be partnering to offer a live-stream broadcast for the 2017 Comic-Con Expo that will be held San Diego, California.

The incredible week of E3 Live coverage on Twitter turned out a major success witnessing over 2.6 million unique viewers on a daily basis. These two business giants are now on course to set up their sites on San Diego Comic-Con, which will be an enormous entertainment conference dedicated to movie, television, and comic industries.

The various entertainment fans have a reason to smile considering that they will be receiving about 13 hours of live coverage. It won’t stop there since IGN has plans underway to ensure that livestream is made available globally to Twitter’s logged-in and logged-out users.

According to Prnewswire, the IGN Live from SDCC will have IGN both as its host and producer. One of the top officials working with IGN has outlined that coverage might feature numerous interviews from Netflix, Lionsgate, TBS and more.

The CPO and SVP of Video at IGN, Wade Beckett, while speaking to top journalists said, “After seeing the massive success of IGN’s first partnership with Twitter from E3, it was an easy decision to team up again for another week of livestream coverage. IGN is the first place fans head to find breaking movie, TV, and comics news and Twitter is the place they talk about it. It’s a great partnership for the fans.”

IGN Live from SDCC is coming with a lot of goodies for the various interested parties. For instance, it will reserve opportunities for the various advertisers who will get to reap from things like packages bearing the television style mid-roll spots. They might be accompanied with original clips produced by the company and will be available for promotion and sponsorship on twitter.

A lot of people have their eyes fixed on Twitter. They want to find out whether the predictions about it rising in the Trump era by some experts will happen.