Twitter Is Reportedly Working On A Feature For Reporting Fake News Though Emily Horne Offered Disputing Opinion

Twitter is planning to introduce a new button that will allow users to report false news or tweets containing misleading information. However, Twitter spokeswoman Emily Horne has disputed the claims

Two anonymous sources familiar with the matter reported that the company is currently working on the feature which will be a drop-down tab that will be accessible so that users can report false content. Such a button would make it easier for users on the microblogging platform to enjoy a much cleaner platform without pesky fake news. However, it is not a guarantee that Twitter will indeed launch such a button anytime soon. Emily Horne, a spokeswoman for the social media firm reported there are currently no plans to introduce such a feature.

“There are no current plans to launch any type of product along these lines,”stated Horne.

Twitter has been working on measures against spam content

The statement by Twitter’s spokeswoman contradicts the claims by the unnamed sources. This obviously leads to some confusion regarding the matter. However, the company is certainly doing something about spam content on the platform. Colin Crowell, the VP of policy at Twitter mentioned a few weeks ago that the company was definitely working on some measures to combat spam content on the social media platform.

Crowell noted in a blog post that some of the measures currently in development would eliminate automated accounts that usually retweet the same message with the aim of influencing trending topics. Rival social media company Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has also been facing similar problems with fake content. The company launched a new tool in March this year that will allow users to flag fake content.

Twitter is reportedly working on a crowd-sourced solution that will help fight fake news though it is currently not clear how the feature will operate though it is in the development phase. The process is currently moving slow and part of that is because there are concerns that users might find a way to misuse the feature. This might suggest that the company was, in fact, developing such a button but has not had significant breakthrough to support bringing it to the masses.