President Donald Trump May Be Banned From Twitter

It’s not every day you get to ban the president of the United States of America from a website but Twitter might do so if it finds that Donald Trump tweets have violated its anti-violence policy. The American president has in the last week launched insults on Mika Brzezinski and also released a video on site showing him punching at the image of CNN. These two tweets have led to calls from different quarters for the social media site to ban Trump from posting on the website.

Part of Twitter rules titled violent threats (direct or indirect) states that a user of the site cannot make threat of violence or promote violence on the website. Another set of Twitter rules titled Harassment provides that a user must not engage in targeted abuse or harassment of others. The violation of any of these rules would give the website the power to ban the perpetrator from using the site.

In the first of Donald Trump questionable acts, the president posted a video on twitter that showed him slamming a person that has the picture of the CNN logo super imposed on his face. This would suggest him defeating the news outlet. Another interpretation of the video would say the president was simply showing his frustration for the way he has been treated by the news agency.

The second act is Trump tweeting that Brzezinski “was bleeding badly from a face-lift” when she visited his estate in Florida last year. The president further stated that she was “dumb as a rock”. These two comments would suggest harassment.

However, a representative of twitter revealed to CNN that the company has reviewed the video posted by Trump and concluded that It did not violate any of their policy because the video could be interpreted in multiple ways. The spokesperson further explained that the video may or may not have political context thus leading their finding.

Twitter however, has a strong motivation for leaving P.O.T.U.S on its site. The company which have faced financial troubles in the past have been made more popular by Trump. The president’s preferred medium of release has been Twitter since his campaign and as president and the site would be hoping to ride on the popularity of the controversial leader.