Twitter India’s Country Director Says Platform Helping Market The Country

Twitter is emerging as a social media platform that is assisting businesses based in India to promote themselves globally. And due to a population that is heavily skewed towards young people who are avid consumers of online videos, Twitter is also a great avenue for reaching young consumers in India. This is according to the country director of Twitter India, Taranjeet Singh.

“Twitter as a global platform is helping Indian businesses across verticals — finance, auto, tech and FMCG — establish their brands on the global stage with innovation,” said Singh.

Growing internet subscriber base

Currently the number of internet subscribers in India is 391 million. A report by Cisco released last month indicates that the ongoing digital transformation will see this number double to 829 million in the next four years. With regards to daily active users, India is Twitter’s fastest-growing market. Research firms estimate that the number of Twitter users in India is more than 20 million.

In a market-tapping effort Twitter has employed live video as well as the ‘Amplify’ business feature and this has seen the microblogging platform’s premium video business grow to serve video publishers numbering over 200. Twitter’s promoted tweets have also seen increased use with the number of brands using them growing steadily.

Premium video

In 2017’s first quarter live premium video of over 800 hours from more than 450 events were streamed by content partners managing to reach unique viewers numbering 45 million. This was a rise of 31% from the previous quarter.

To provide users in India with an affordable and faster access to Twitter, the microblogging platform has rolled out ‘Twitter Lite’. This lighter version of Twitter, which is under one megabyte in size, loads 30% faster and offers data cost savings of up to 70%.

To enable citizen engagement with the government in real time, Twitter Seva has been rolled out. Ministries such as Commerce, Communication, Railways and the Telecommunications Department are already using Twitter Seva. The microblogging platform has also partnered with the Information Technology ministry to unveil one link through which users, both registered and non-registered, will be able to get online updates.