Twitter’s New Feature Allow Users Mute Unknown Notifications

Twitter Inc is in its last phase to protect the users from abusive behaviour on its platform by enabling users to disable the notifications from accounts that are a bother to them. The company rolled out the new feature on Monday this week. The leading micro-blogging platform confirmed that its new advanced filter settings will have an option of users muting unnecessary notifications from unknown people especially those that they don’t follow and accounts that don’t follow them.

Twitter users can also filter the low-quality content from particular accounts including the web content that looks like spam and mute notifications from certain group of words or phrases. The firm announced early in the year that it’s initiating new filtering alternatives that will enable users to limit the number of notifications that come to their pages and what they could see from other accounts and especially those that look more suspicious.

Twitter and its competitor, Facebook have encountered a torrent of criticism from analysts across the world who claim that the social media platforms are not doing enough to tackle the cyber-bullying, false information, and terrorist propagandas. The new feature will help Twitter to curb the offensive and violent mannerisms by empowering users to flag down tweets that have fake, harmful, or misleading information.

The company is still carrying out trials on the new feature and will release it soon. The new feature will appear as a tab in the drop-down menu on the tweets notifications. Recently, four giant social media companies pledged to join efforts to classify and eliminate the extremist content on their podiums through a new mechanism that allows information-sharing between the companies.

The companies, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter are working together to develop a shared database which has exclusive digital fingerprints to detect the images and videos that encourage and support terrorism.

The highly expected collaboration would lead to more efficient ways of enforcing policies to help control the global concern of terrorist content online. Similar measures should also be replicated by other companies, governments and nongovernmental organizations to help curb the menace of cyber-bullying and terrorist content.