Keith Coleman Promises To Make Twitter Faster, Cheaper And Easier To Use

Twitter, one of the top and trusted social media giants globally has effected one of its biggest design overhauls. It is now a completely new feel across web, iOS and Android devices considering the addition of new features and tabs. The global vice-president of product development at Twitter, Keith Coleman recently spoke to a number of journalists. He outlined that the company had plans underway to spark a major transformation in terms of the products it would offer users.

The various twitter users around the globe are happy with the news. This is because the recent transformative move by the company targets making Twitter faster and cheaper in India. It had indeed been quite a while since the company had implemented any change to its user interface. Time had finally arrived and the company was delighted about exacting its plan to freshen it up to give the wide customer base an amazing experience.

According to indiatimes, one of the top executives working with Twitter said that they had simplified a number of their icons in a bid to make them a lot much easier to recognize. He was sure that through making theiOS app work more like the Android app they would succeed in winning over more users to their high end services.

The move to also make Twitter more alive is not something that started just the other day. It is a matter that had been raised in a series of the company’s board meetings and he was glad time had finally come. The moment a user sees theiOS or Android app, what follows is a re-tweet and a conversation counts ticking up in real time .The top official said that Twitter took seriously the element of real time.

One thing that is crystal clear for anyone that has been making a close follow up of the progress of the top company is the fact that there have been a lot of changes recently. Twitter’s focus on changing its product for the better has been stronger than ever before.