Controversial Ex-Banker Gambles Twitter’s Future On One Risky Bet

2016 will go down records as the time when Twitter’s employees felt like they couldn’t take any more frustration. Leadership changes were going overboard. Some two rounds of layoffs were enough to slow down the company’s growth. The languishing stock price was becoming an issue of great concern.

Reports also came out from time to time portraying Twitter in an undesirable way. They depicted it as the sort of company that was making efforts to sell itself, yet no one was willing to buy it. Salesforce, the provider’s last hope of a buyer went public ‘dissing’ it as it walked away.

The company’s notoriously forceful finance chief, Anthony Noto stood up to provide answers to a number of questions that were asked by the concerned parties. He might have come out as rather tough, but looking at his talk from another perspective would depict him differently. The official was as a matter of fact inspiring call-to-arms.

In making his statement, he asserted that indeed there wasn’t anyone that was going to save them the trouble. To him, getting the company to once again survive and thrive would require that the employees working with the company do something about the matter. The most appropriate would of course be to knuckle up and do it themselves.

The official executive opined, “We can’t control a lot of things. But what we can control is how hard we work and how many times we get back up when we get knocked down.”

It was indeed easy to read the pessimism registered on the faces of the various employees that were working with the provider. It would of course be a tough job to convince them that indeed the New York ex-banker was the man to take them from the business turmoil.

 According to them, theirs was an industry that revered engineers and product gurus. There was no way a Wall Street banker was to turn out to be the cure they needed for the business to spring back to life. However, it goes without saying that indeed what they needed was Noto’s take-charge style regardless of how which way they chose to look at him.