Twitter Suspends A Twitter Bot Shortly After Trump Re-Tweeted

On Saturday, President Donald Trump replied to twitter account that indicated immense support for him. He thanked Nicole, who was apparently the owner of the account. It is this particular instance that has led to the rewarding of that particular account.

However, a number of observers have been quick to notice an odd attribute regarding “Nicole.”According to them, she definitely didn’t seem to be real. This led to the suspension of the account on Sunday night.

It was in January that the account joined Twitter’s platform. It went by the name Nicole Mincey. As a matter of fact it was branded Micey as a “black pro-Trump conservative” who reportedly kick-started a pro-Trump retail empire. This was after being disillusioned by Barrack Obama who is the former president of the United States.

Mincey has been described as African American female from Camden who led a life of immense poverty. It reveals something about just how big the minority Republican movement is.

Concerns have been raised over exactly who runs has been made to try and access the phone number listed on the site. However, it appears to be disconnected. The suspension of the accounts meant they were spammed. This was in line with the terms and conditions of Twitter.

Higgins opines, “All signs point to Trump thanking an advertising campaign using fake Trump supporter accounts to sell #ProTrump45 brand clothes.” Experts in disinformation are unhappy with what Trump has been doing recently. They believe that what he is doing might end up promoting accounts of such nature. They say that it might be understandable that he does so unknowingly. However, it is a bad thing considering that it had the potential to promote misinformation.

Bots are widely known for the big way in which they drive the various social-media trends as well as the topics in the event of the 2016 election. Oxford University’s computational propaganda project has outlined that quite a significant number of tweets between the first and second presidential debates emanated from the automated accounts.