Man Banned From Twitter After Making A Death Threat To An Insect

The Twitter account of a user based in Japan was flagged and frozen on grounds that he went against the terms of service after he made a death threat to a mosquito. DadreamMatcha, the name of the account, had only signed up earlier in the month. He made the death threat when a mosquito kept troubling him as he watched television.

“Bastard! Do you enjoy biting me all over while I’m trying to relax and watch TV? Die? (Actually, you’re already dead)”, read the tweet which was also accompanied by a photo of the mosquito lying on the floor lifeless.

Decision mocked and ridiculed

Shortly after posting the Japanese man got a message from Twitter where he was thanked for making use of the service but was at the same time informed that his account had been frozen for sending messages which contained threats. The man then opened a new account which he used to criticize the decision that had been taken by Twitter. His angry tweet lamenting the decision earned over 27,000 likes and over 31,000 retweets. Social media users were also quick to mock and ridicule the decision with most of them concluding that the move to ban the account was the work of an automated program.

Online abuse and cyberbullying have been serious problems for Twitter and this has led the microblogging platform to take an aggressive stance against these vices. Last month Twitter’s engineering vice president, Ed Ho, revealed that in the previous six months abuse on the platform had fallen significant owing mostly to an improved response rate from the social media firm whenever such cases were detected or reported. Ho added that the number of accounts which are facing action every day of terms of service violations had increased by ten times.

Quality filter

To further stem the cases of abuse, Twitter has also introduced a quality filter which has resulted in the number of unwanted interactions dropping. Blocking actions taken following mentions from strangers has fallen by 40%. The microblogging platform has also introduced a new system to target harassment where abusive accounts are placed on a temporary timeout. As a result there has been a 25% reduction on abuse reports from such profiles.