Justin Bieber Reaches A Milestone 100 Million Followers On Twitter

Justine Bieber is now the second person to reach 100 million followers on Twitter’s microblogging platform, thus making history as the second person to surpass the 100-million-followers mark.

Bieber reached one million followers on Thursday. He joins Katy Perry who was the first person to hit more than 100 million followers and currently more than 103 million people falling her on Twitter. Perry was the first person to surpass 100 million followers milestone in June. Twitter celebrated Bieber’s achievement by posting a short video featuring some of his most popular hashtags. The new milestone highlight’s his growing popularity on the platform.

“In each other’s company since Tweet number one. Congratulations @justinbieber on #100MBeliebers,” the company hashtagged the video.

The social media firm also pointed out some interesting facts about Bieber including the fact that his name has been mentioned more than 2 billion times. Additionally, his most retweeted tweet has been retweeted more than 638,000 times and the name “Bieber” has been tweeted about 84 million times. At this point it is safe to say that Justin Bieber is a really big deal on the microblogging platform. It is also quite impressive that Perry and Bieber are the only two people that have more than 100 million followers on Twitter.

Bieber and Perry might not enjoy the exclusivity of being the only people to have more than 100 million Twitter followers for long. This is because numerous other celebrities are quickly closing in. Pop singer Taylor Swift has the third highest number of twitter followers at 85.5 million while Rihanna comes in fourth with 76.9 million and those numbers are steadily growing.

Bieber has been quite loyal as a Twitter user but the same cannot be said for other platforms. His relationship with Instagram has not been as solid and he has deactivated miss account a couple of times. Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez has the highest number of followers on Instagram at 126 million. Things however took an interesting turn recently after Selena’s account was recently hacked and Justine’s naked photos uploaded there. The account was quickly deactivated and the photos removed before being restored.