New Terms On Twitter Cause Outrage Among Users

A change in Twitter’s terms of service has prompted outrage despite the fact the conditions are not really new and have actually been in existence for close to eight years and the only changes that have change in this specific provision is the formatting. Among the terms that have sparked outrage include a section which allows the microblogging platform to use content posted by users in whatever way it deems appropriate including availing such content to other individuals, organizations or companies who can consequently republish it.

Content licensing

With the new clauses it will be possible for Twitter to support tweet inclusion in television broadcasts as well as tweet embedding. So far there is no indication that Twitter has sold any content posted on the platform. One of the first people to notice the controversial terms was Richard de Nooy after being asked by Twitter to look into the new terms.

“Your terms of service agreement is un-fucking-believable, @Twitter. This is grotesque. Especially for users posting original content,” de Nooy tweeted.

Previously there was a section in the terms where Twitter disclosed its respect for the intellectual property created by users and urged other users to follow its example but it is no longer there and this what mostly ticked off de Nooy. However, Twitter will only obtain a license of the intellectual property belonging to others but not the ownership.

Account termination

Other changes that are in the new terms include such rules as how the microblogging platform can go about deleting posts which are a violation of its rules. Twitter also makes a commitment where it will issue a warning to users a month before effecting changes which are bound to have an impact on other users’ rights.

Another change that will become effective includes how an account gets terminated. Going forward unlawful conduct will be grounds for account termination. Additionally there is also a new provision which explains how an appeal can be made to overturn a decision to terminate an account. For users of twitter residing outside of the United States the new terms of service will become effective in late September.