Megaport Hires Tim Hoffman As New CTO

Megaport announced recently that they have appointed Tim Hoffman as the new chief technology officer who the company believes will bring an extensive experience in scaling up their network infrastructure across the globe. Hoffman was working for Twitter before his new engagement. The new appointment is effective as from October 1, this year.

Hoffman will be in charge of all the Megaport’s network operations including the network architecture, the software development, new product development and procurement aspects. He will report directly to CEO, Vincent English who replaced Denver Maddux following his resignation at the beginning of the year.

The new CTO has worked at Health Intelligence Wellington, Snap Internet, FX Networks, CityLink Limited, and Twitter. According to Mr. English, Hoffman has been vital in leading the development teams of the most important networks across the New Zealand’s telecommunications infrastructure and therefore stands a great chance to take Megaport to a higher level.

His previous role at Twitter gained him a great experience in building worldwide infrastructures such as the interconnections, content distribution infrastructure, and global data centers across the world. Hoffman has also worked with many giant internet service providers where he has negotiated peering contracts that reduced the operational costs of the infrastructure development. While working at Twitter, Hoffman designed a network that delivered tremendous growth and this would enable him to excel in his current appointment.

Megaport considers that Hoffman’s extensive experience would align with their future growth programs. Hoffman eagerly welcomed the new role and stated that he is willing to significantly contribute to the company that has transformed many ways in which the industry approaches the network connectivity in the current times.

Hoffman said that he will ensure that Megaport continues to provide better and flexible customer focused services and is willing to lead the exceptional team to rapidly connect their network to the next phase. Megaport calls this year as the ‘year of outstanding growth’ and has achieved a record of sales for the last one year. The company focuses on expanding organically into new locations that have great demand from both the individuals and enterprise users.