Twitter Night Mode: Latest Theme Easier On Eyes Than The Standard Look

Innovation might just take Twitter to the highest levels of business success according to a top analyst. He said that after the company succeeded to take the Night Mode to desktop. It comes in the form of a much darker version of the site which users have termed as being a lot easier on their eyes.

It is a working solution especially to those persons that browse at night. The regular blue-and-white version of Twitter is good to a lot of people, but this particular one is even much better in appearance.

For anyone that needs to activate Night Mode on the Twitter website, the process has been simplified. A user starts by clicking his/her profile photo which lies on the right-hand side of the bar at the top of the screen. The next move is to select what one needs, and in this particular case it is the Night Mode.

After doing whatever one has to do, the next move is to disable it. The user will just have to click the Night Mode option again. Twitter’s mobile apps were embedded with the Night Mode since last year. For those with the Android, it should start by tapping the profile picture lying at the top of the screen, after which the user should select Night Mode.

The other impressive aspect to the users globally lies in the fact that they will be able to make the Night Mode automatically turn itself on and off. The way to move about all that is pretty much the same on iOS. The user starts by opening up the app. After that, he/she taps the profile picture and finally hits the Night Mode.

Recently, YouTube went ahead to unveil a similar Dark Theme, which has been turning the website black-and-red.

Activating it is also pretty easy. The first step is clicking the account symbol which is followed by selecting Dark Theme and turning Activate Dark. The recent development has been termed by those analysts to be a step to the right direction.