Has Twitter Really Been Deleting People’s Lists?

A number of Twitter users have criticized the company after they discovered that they were not able to view their lists especially on iOS devices and it was initially thought that the company was deleting them.

The lists are important to users on the social media platform because they are often used to organize and compile the handles the follow as well as tweets, videos, photos, and links. The best way to describe list is to view them as personalized RSS feeds. These lists are often used by journalists, thus emphasizing how important they are. It was initially thought that Twitter was randomly deleting people’s lists but further investigation has revealed that it was caused by a bug according to a spokesman for the company.

“There is currently a bug affecting lists on Twitter for iOS, but people should still be able to see their lists on twitter.com. We are working on a fix and expect this issue to be resolved shortly,” the spokesman stated.

The statement issued about the problem helped to tone down the backlash from disappointed users who thought that Twitter was deleting the list without even notifying them. Asher Wolf, Australian freelance journalist was one of the people that discovered that their lists were no longer existing even when they logged in on the desktop version of Twitter, other than just the Twitter app.

Wolf expressed her disappointment through a tweet in which she revealed that she lost three locked lists through which she relies on for journalism purposes. She also added that she had been working on those lists for the past ten years, thus a lot of progress was lost and that she was not the only one affected by the issue. It is currently not clear if the affected users will somehow get back their lists but that seems highly unlikely.

The problem has persisted for a few days but Twitter is already working on it as reported by the spokesman. The company is yet to reveal more details about the problem. Prior to the spokesperson’s announcement, there had been speculation that the lists were being deleted due to concerns that the lists were being used to encourage online harassment.