Twitter Takes To Experimenting With Doubling Character Count

The recent times have seen Twitter go through the most trying moments in its history. However, most of the top analysts have been in total alignment with the fact that the company needs more than a single bold product to succeed at reversing its fortunes. The plummeting of the company’s stock has surprisingly been met with mixed reactions.

A number of top investors have laid blame squarely on the slow execution as well as the failure to develop a product that appeals to a larger audience. Twitter has given its official statement outlining that it is undertaking major moves that will see it progress in business. It hopes to establish whether or not doubling its character count helps.

It is troublesome trying to cram one’s thoughts into a tweet and a lot of people have gotten to that point in one time or the other. By changing counts as a character, the provider will be able to create additional room for more text in its previous 140-character limit. Two years ago, the company resorted to making some change that no longer counted @names in the various media attachments and replies as well. However, this particular change was seen as a major disappointment.

Twitter works because it requires that users take time to compose their thoughts, threats, jokes and Presidential decrees. It is critical that users see the real-time stream of conscious thought of the world at large. The creation of bonds as well as the attainment of effective communication with is seeing the world enjoy pretty much from the provider’s platform.

The government has pushing for the company to implement a number of changes. Taking the strongest stance on harassment laws and the banning of hate speech has taken the center stage in the current times. A lot of people have criticized Twitter for the way it has been handling issues.

This company has been giving the troll king himself, the president of the United States great space type messages of hate with poor spelling and grammar. It goes without saying that such messages are alarming and could result to negative consequences.