Twitter Unable To Figure Out Ways To Draw New Users To Its Platform

Twitter has been struggling with a wide range of challenges over the years. Figuring out the right mechanism to channel new users to its platform has been the most outstanding. The company thought that its new longer tweets would help solve its enormous problem, but that is not happening.

A number of analysts that have been following the company’s progress have agreed to the fact that the expansion to a 280-character limit won’t help much. It is a major disappointment to a company that had anticipated that a flurry of users would have made their way to the global platform.

The company has over a long period of time experienced a slew of uninspiring product updates, declining revenues and flattening user growth.

On Tuesday, the company made an announcement unveiling its latest update. It hopes to double every tweet’s word limit from 140 characters to 280 characters in the hope that will help it perform better. This particular feature is at the moment undergoing a series of tests. There is hope that it will be soon be rolling out to quite a large number of users.

Twitter is doing all it can towards ensuring that it makes a lot much easier for everyone to tweet.

In a blog post, the company revealed that its user research had found out that a large section of the English-speaking users were quite frustrated with the 140-character limit. The company got more specific to point out that the 9% of tweets in English reached the 140 character limit.

Twitter remains rather optimistic that the new change will end up making a lot of people more compelled to tweet for longer and more often.

The company’s spokesperson opined, “”We understand since many of you have been Tweeting for years, there may be an emotional attachment to 140 characters — we felt it, too.”

Raising the character limit has been welcomed by the platform’s users from around the globe. It will help them convey their thoughts in a much better way.