Longer Tweets Seen As A Form Of Democracy For Twitter Users

On Tuesday, Twitter made an announcement that impressed quite a large number of its users. The company hopes to make its platform more popular by the recent move to enable its users send 280-character tweets. The signature 140-character limit that the provider had been providing earlier was a rather tricky affair to a large number of users.

The company has lately been very cautious on its business undertakings. That is the reason it recently carried out an experiment where it sought to test whether or not the longer character limits would be welcome to everyone.

Languages such as Korean, Japanese and Chinese have a single character carrying more meaning. It was in such languages the social media provider recorded quite a large number of people tweeting.

An analyst that has over the years followed the company’s progress opined, “If lifting some of the character constraints gets more people to tweet in English and other languages for which the shorter limit feels confining, it would indeed be awesome for Twitter.”

Twitter has been trying out numerous strategies in the hope that that it would eventually succeed at increasing its profitability. In this year’s second quarter, Twitters revenue was 5 percent less compared to the figure recorded in 2016 .It remains positive the recent move will help it generate more advertisement revenues.

More Twitter users is a boon for the country considering that it would move quite a long way towards encouraging more civility in political debates. The other thing would be the encouragement of a much broader debate.

At the moment, the elite form the largest share of people using Twitter.  The 140-character limit has its own beauty. It is a strategy that compelled people to state things succinctly.

Expanding the limits might seem a good thing to a lot of people. However, it is crucial to point out the fact that it in a major way changes the essence of the brand the brand the company has worked pretty hard to build for a long time. Twitter has been oscillating between the lengths of text messages.