Twitter Could Had An Impact On the U.S Election

Since the conclusion of the elections of the United States, which declared Donald Trump the winning candidate, Facebook has been on the receiving end. The social media network has been put on the spotlight of having been at the forefront of influencing the U.S election. However, it is not only Facebook, which is at the wrath of scrutiny by the Congress and other relevant bodies.

Twitter has also found itself in murky waters and word has it that it may have been even more influential than Facebook.  The suspicion over Twitter’s role in the U.S elections comes at the midst of a heated debate over Trump’s caution of N.F.L. players who do not stand for the national anthem.

But how did Twitter get itself in the mix of scrutiny?

The platform was largely used for large-scale automated messaging. The use of “bot” accounts played a key role in spreading inflammatory messages and false stories. Apparently, the opening of a Twitter account does not ask for personal identification details such as the name or the mobile number. This may have facilitated the opening of thousands of Russia-linked Twitter accounts, which posed as Americans.

Close to 600 Twitter accounts both human users and suspected bots have been linked to Russian influence operations.

Both Facebook and Twitter have denied any exploitation of their systems

Apparently even with the hyped Twitter’s scrutiny Twitter has remained tight – lipped over the use of its platform by Russia. The much the company has said is that some bots can be a problem. Surprisingly, even with its silence records have it that close to 130,000 accounts are detected on a daily basis attempting to influence trending topics.

However, according to the researchers, it is not likely that the perpetrators are brought to book. Nonetheless, the social network says that it has been fighting the abuse of accounts and will be working harder to stop the vice.

On the other hand, Facebook will not come clean to say whether or not it was in the mix. However, it has admitted having found close to $100,000 in ad spending connected to fake accounts, which may have been managed from Russia. The company has gone to the extent of increasing its staff, who will try to unravel the mystery behind the election integrity.