Disney Wanted To Buy Twitter

Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney has finally confirmed that they had been considering buying Twitter. He also supported the claims that they had been thinking about buying a majority stake in BAMTech, a sports streaming site.

While speaking at the Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit in Los Angeles, Iger revealed that the company was considering a different way that would have it meet customers directly. The provider hopes that its efforts to open up its distribution business will bear fruit. It has pointed out to Twitter as one of those ways that it has confidence in.

Iger opined, “We thought Twitter had global reach and a compelling way that we might be able to present and sell the content our company makes to the consumer, But we decided, ultimately, not to go in that direction. And we ended up buying a platform called BAMTech.”

At the moment, the establishment of a direct relationship between consumers and the content creators is the one being used in the defining of the media landscape. Disney believes that by acquiring full control of BAMTech’s innovative technology it will be able to make tremendous steps forward especially in forging the connections in place. Adaptation to the various market shifts is a matter that will be quite demanding to them in terms of the required flexibility.

If all moves according to plan, the ESPN-branded multi-sport service is expected to provide a wide range of sports programming featuring, renowned national and international games. An advanced version of the current ESPN app will help all the interested persons access the new service. This app comprises of scores, highlights and news that that captivate quite a large number of fans.

Those persons that happen to be pay TV subscribers will be using the app to gain access to the ESPN television networks. They will be doing it on an authenticated basis. To most of the sports fans, this particular app will be pulling a long as a premiere digital destination to the sports content provided on the different platforms.