Twitter’s Useful Tools That People Know Little About

Twitter has been through a series of difficult times since its establishment. However, those are not enough to take away the fact that it still remains one of the most important social platforms globally.

Some people visit the platform hoping to put up with the current affairs globally whereas another group will use the platform to simply rant or massage their ego. It is indeed true that quite a large number of people leave the platform without recognizing some features. In fact, some of the features are hidden and require that you pay special attention in order to see them.

The company has remained fast moving for quite some time, especially from the moment President Trump ascended to power. Most are those times when the platform’s timelines are packed with high volumes of information. This information is usually refreshed within the shortest timeframes.

That might be the reason why most of the users won’t deep-dive into the menu of this particular site. A return to the site after a short departure might shock you because you will come across hundreds of new updates which you have to catch up with.

The first hidden feature is the Night Mode which happens to be a lot much easy on eyes as stated by experts. To enable it, the user simply needs to click the profile photo which lies at the right-hand side of the bar at the top of the screen. The next step is to select the Night Mode. In case you are using an iOS or Android, all you need to do is tap the profile picture and then proceed to select Night Mode.

The next feature is the one that gives users the freedom to lengthen their tweets. From the 140-character tweet that users were used to, they now have the freedom to hit the 280-character mark.

Twitter also has the improve search feature. Anyone that constantly uses Twitter understands just how messy it can get at times with the regular search tool. Using these particular features helps one to find certain things more easily.