Twitter Takes Down Blackburn’s Campaign ad Video

Republican Representative, Marsha Blackburn’s campaign announcement ad has been shut down by Twitter due to a queer statement that the abortion rights opponent made on the grand sale of fetal tissues used for clinical studies. The announcement ad video was taken down from Twitter on Monday.

Blackburn, who is campaigning for the open seat at Tennessee Senate brags in the ad that she ‘prevented the sale of baby body parts’, a statement that Twitter finds offensive. A twitter representative said that the Blackburn’s statement was inflammatory and is likely to stir up negative reactions from the public.

According to Twitter, the Blackburn campaign is still relevant and can be allowed to run on the platform only if the flagged statement is scrapped off. Although the decision prevents Blackburn from paying to support and promote the video, it doesn’t block it from being linked to YouTube and other social media podiums. Blackburn is continuously urging her supporters to re-post the video to support her campaigns.

Blackburn has been representing the Republican-run House panel that investigates the Planned Parenthood and the fetal tissue studies that had earlier in the year advised the Congress to stop federal payments to the women’s health organization. The panel was established after some anti-abortion activists released privately recorded videos in 2015 that revealed how the Planned Parenthood officials provide fetal tissue to medical researchers for profit.

Donating the baby tissue for medical research is legal, with the consent from the woman aborting the fetus, but selling the fetus tissues still remains illegal in the US. Fetal tissue research receives a strong support from scientists who link its value in conducting studies on various diseases such as Down syndrome, eye disorders and other medical conditions.

However, Blackburn’s committee opposed the fetal tissue research stating that it makes a very small contribution to the clinical studies and hence proposed that federal stops funding such studies. Blackburn also chairs the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on technology.