Twitter Unveils ‘Happening Now’ Hoping To Attract More Users To Its Platform

Twitter has today unveiled its latest features called “Happening Now.” It hopes the feature will help make its service more accessible to most of the newcomers. The new feature will serve functions such as the highlighting of tweets on different topics ranging from sports, to breaking news to entertainment.

Twitter has over its many years of operation focused at ensuring that it makes its service more useful to the newcomers keen on following up on varying topics. It was at the start of last year that the company updated its homepage for logged-out users. It targeted helping them dive into a number of categories such as sports, News, Entertainment and much more.

It goes without saying that indeed a large number of Newbies have been much drawn to Happening Now. These newbies have always been reluctant when it comes to coming up with track hashtags and the customized lists.

Many Twitter users are uncomfortable with the fact that the timelines are continuously being invaded by a wide array of features they don’t need. It seems like Twitter is slowly losing a bit of its simplicity, ironically in its concerted efforts to increase the ease of use.

A twitter official stated, “On @Twitter’s short GIF demo, there are some tweets under Happening Now that have relevant hashtags, while other tweets were merely referencing the topic vaguely in plain text.”

There will be a small downward facing arrow on the top right corner of the main twitter timeline indicating every Happening Now event. The users of the online platform will have to tap the arrow.

The platform will then offer the elaborate explanation as to why it takes the strong stand that the user might be interested in the topic or event. Users will also have the freedom to hide any event that they will deem unimportant to them.

Twitter has a lot of ways it can succeed at capturing the attention of a large number of its users. It is at the moment carrying out tests on its Save for Later feature and that might help it obtain more users.